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High cold heat, cautious in! The reality of art vitality in the geek Simon stationed in Berlin for New Zealand young Simon Dani (Simon Denny), the title "artist" is too classic. Born in 80s, the young man is a natural science and technology products and entrepreneurial culture fans, but he seems to go wrong (DUI) on the track, with a strong sense of the two dimensional atmosphere into the art circle. He was concerned about the technology in shaping the global culture and national brand strength, and decades of revolution of digital technology under the background of globalization lead to systematic social change, and the design language of the user interface of the interest, advanced techniques, the theme of the cold. In November 9, 2016, he at London’s Serpentine Gallery exhibition organized last year (Products for Organising) product "is extended out by Hans (Hans-Ulrich Obrist) group exhibition" planning HAKE SPACE Chi K11 "at the Shanghai Art Museum, Shenzhen OCT Contemporary Art Center is also actively preparing for his first exhibition in March next year Chinese. Photograph: Cara Simon Dani, Henkel (Calla Henkel) and Marx (Max Pitegoff) as GF had said, New York petzall Gallery, this called "data block chain (Block chain Future states to show the future)" exhibition to make people feel abnormal cold, really let the reporter specially run art exhibition for a lot of brains. After carving (BAI) bitter (DU) drill (Zhi) research (DAO), the reporter learned that the data block chain is an important concept in bitcoin financial system, recording the transaction data recorded on the entire bitcoin network. Bitcoin is a virtual currency in the virtual world, and the virtual financial system in today’s global economic management system, is one of the focus of controversy among economists. In the electronic world unreal, whether the capital allocation fairness, this indicates that the more transparent and fair mechanism of social economy, the economic relations between the virtual Simon in the real world as a clue, the forward-looking art exhibition. It all sounded very difficult, but the smart young artist Simon, is the temporary booth, seems not to the point inkjet posters and advertising panels continue to challenge the traditional image of art form, showing a new digital landscape. With high-tech, information politics, electronic games, money games, and so on, which symbolizes the unique theme of the society in twenty-first Century to highlight the advanced and forward-looking nature of contemporary art, has been the core topic of Simon and Danny. "The data block chain future show" exhibition, photograph: petzall gallery from the etheric Fang (Ethereum) "," 21 Limited (21 Inc.)" And Digital (digital Asset), the three financial companies as the main line, respectively, about the different ways to use bitcoin and they tried to network in the world through the block chain相关的主题文章: