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Henan said the girls suffered telecommunications fraud cheated light home 110 thousand deposit – Sohu in Zhengzhou in August 28, youth online news (Chinese Youth Daily? Youth online intern reporter Pan Zhixian Liu Peijun) 20 year old little Yan (a pseudonym) is a university in Henan a sophomore, in rural areas of Pingyu County of Zhumadian City, Henan province. Just a few days ago, a fraud call let her fall into the trap, the family of 110 thousand savings were all cheated light. August 20th, Xiao Yan received a phone call from the beginning of a long number of 0, the other said he was a staff member of Pingyu County Health Center, said the small inflammation of Medicare card overdraft of $19870. Xiao Yan recalled that he had a medical insurance card, but it was handled in high school, a long time has not been used. She said to the staff, overdraft 19870 yuan is not her operation. The staff on the proposed small inflammation alarm, and the phone will be transferred directly to the Shanghai Putuo public security bureau". Small inflammation without any doubt, to the phone claiming to be the police who told their own medical insurance card overdraft thing. At this time, the other said to check her ID card involved in money laundering, has been involved in national criminal responsibility, to freeze a small inflammation individual and all members of the family bank account. Small inflammation panic God, the police asked her: "what are the money in the home?" Xiao Yan said that only with his father’s identity card for a regular Passbook Deposits 110 thousand. At this time, the other said: by setting up a bank card protection device can prevent the prosecutor freeze account." At the request of the other side, the small inflammation to work in the field of his father’s identity card, in August 23rd will be a regular passbook money into demand, and transferred to the bank card. After that, the other party to set the protection device in the name, to guide her in the ATM machine will be on the bank card money deposited two times in the accounts of the two. "At the time, he told me that the process of setting up the protection device was presented on the page of the transfer." Be deceived so little with all the family savings to cheat. During this period, the other side of the request for more than a small Ling said, can not tell anyone, otherwise it is leaked case." Until the evening of August 23rd 23:00, Xiao Yan told the students about this thing. A small inflammation students feel wrong, queries on the Internet, found that telecommunications trick of a news report and a small inflammation happened exactly the same. Realized that he was cheated of small inflammation, immediately called the alarm call, at this time from the other side to turn the money has passed 7 hours. At present, Pingyu County Public Security Bureau police brigade has accepted the case. After being cheated little arthritis too late to regret. Because of poor economic conditions at home, before her tuition is through loans, now there is also, in a few days of school to school, but this semester’s tuition fees have not been available. Xiao Yan’s mother has been 49 years old, because of congenital cataracts, no work, in the home after being cheated cheated, has been unable to accept. Small Yan’s father is 50 years old, a month in the field of odd jobs to earn an income of 4000 yuan is all the source of the family. "I’m under a lot of pressure." Xiao Yan said she didn’t know what to do.相关的主题文章: