Health management company, said the 20 thousand handed plastic surgery can be rubbed and rubbed in t-tinyos

Health management company said 20 thousand unarmed shaping in the face can rub kneads again – Beijing Shaw cosmetic technique outside the shop a few minutes, no surgery is not only with injection of catgut embedding, "means" to achieve a face lift, Quzhou, pouch and other facial micro surgery, to achieve reverse growth". This commitment comes from a self proclaimed use of Xiao Li plastic surgery health management company. With this commitment, is frequently called tens of thousands of dollars of individual charges. Recently, some people said that after the company completed 20 thousand yuan gimmick micro plastic, did not sign the relevant agreement. After that there is no effect, you want to consult the specific efficacy, but can not contact the doctor at that time. Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned from the Department of health consultation, claiming "means" the way "did not pierce the skin", therefore does not belong to medical behavior, and the business sector can not determine whether beyond the registered scope of business. This micro manipulation or become a health, business sector regulatory vacuum zone. In this regard, the law has suggested that this type of agreement, the contract of unarmed plastic project, you can unjust enrichment in the name of the lawsuit, asking the other party to return the money. Broke the twenty thousand yuan by the age of the age of "7-15" project and rub on the face and massage at the beginning of September, on the recommendation of a friend, visiting Beijing Wang Fang (a pseudonym) into the 10 floor of the Beijing Hotel that no house marking "Shaw cosmetic technique" mechanism. Here, she received her little doctor exceptionally warm, friends introduced, it is a friend". According to Dr. Xiao’s introduction, the so-called "Shaw technique surgery", "(she) the original technique of Shaw’s role in the human body in certain areas. In order to maintain and improve their appearance and make facial rejuvenation for the purpose of shaping method." This shaping method is characterized in that the "no surgery," not injection embedding can be completed face lifting, contouring, correction of thin face, wrinkles, facial asymmetry." Leaflets also stressed that a gimmick can reduce the age of 7-15 years old". Xiao doctor recommended the age reduction project let Wang Fang move the heart, she asked the doctor to consult the project price. The other said no 100 thousand yuan can not do, talk about later, I received a $20 thousand." In addition, Dr. Xiao said, do not need to sign the agreement to do this, before doing a photo shoot, do the first half of the face after taking a photo, finished a shot again, you can compare the effect. In the doctor persuaded Xiao, Wang Fang card to pay twenty thousand yuan, then the doctor will Xiao Wang Fang introducing a "therapeutic room", "she put something on my face, and then rub on the face and rub hands, very heavy, more than an hour to finish the." After the completion of the doctor’s assistant to the doctor came to the mirror, she said to me, said the face ruddy, less wrinkles." When Wang Fang walked out of the "therapeutic room", looked around the shop, to her surprise, did not see the "Dr. Xiao" my qualification certificate. Two or three days later, Wang Fang’s family and friends on the micro plastic has a question, they suspect that I was not cheated, even the money did not pay the agreement相关的主题文章: