Google or next year announced the world’s strongest large number of computers

Google released the world’s strongest in the next year or large quantum computer quantum computer chip Sina Technology – Beijing morning news on September 2nd, Google researchers may be released before the end of next year the strong performance of a quantum computer. Google is currently for this technology release time tight lipped. But the "New Scientist" reported that many researchers in the field have already said, not far from finished project team from Google. It may be the world’s most powerful quantum computing device. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology Review last year visited Google’s hardware lab and introduced Google’s quantum computer program. It is no secret that Google is working hard to develop quantum computers that are far superior to conventional computers. Google tested the D-Wave quantum computer, and in 2014 hired a well-known physicist John · (John), (Martinis), the development of independent quantum chip. Recently, Google team published research results show that the development of high-performance quantum computers may be less difficult than previously expected. Research progress in the understanding of Google scientists said that in some calculations, quantum chip contains 50 qubits are more powerful than traditional supercomputers. Such quantum computers will be completed by 2017. The demonstration of the so-called "quantum hegemony" will mark a turning point in the history of computing technology. It is likely that the first generation of devices will not have much practical significance, but there is no doubt that this will promote the development of quantum computer development, and ultimately make the performance far better than the current supercomputer. (Wei Jin)相关的主题文章: