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Jewelry-Diamonds Glow stick necklaces are enjoying something of a surge in popularity at the moment. Theyre the kind of thing that has always been attractive, but has recently reached a tipping point. Thanks to advances in manufacturing they can now be picked up remarkably cheaply, and youre likely to see them all over the place. Whether youre at a night-time concert or an event like bonfire night, there will often be people selling glow stick necklaces and other glow items (like wands, bracelets and so on) at the entrance. The good news is that you can buy these for a better price online, as well as finding a far wider and more imaginative range of products on offer. Once upon a time, back in the 1980s and 90s, simple glow sticks were the height of cool. These short plastic tubes would glow with an ethereal green light when you snapped them, breaking a vial inside, and shook them to mix the chemicals within. But it wasnt long before this technology originally designed for practical use by divers and the military was developed for entertainment. Glow stick necklaces followed, along with bracelets and other forms of jewellery. These became popular on the dance scene and at night-time music events. From there, it wasnt long before other .panies took the idea and unexpected popularity of glow stick necklaces and broadened the appeal still further. The last few years have seen an explosion of glow in the dark products, and websites now sell a huge range of creative toys, accessories and ornaments. If youre a fan of glow stick necklaces and other glow in the dark body-wear, you will likely see the appeal of some of the other accessories you can buy. Some of these are just the logical extension of the idea, like glowing fairy wings or bunny-ear headgear. But others get more creative. You can now buy glow in the dark body paint, which is a great way to stand out from the crowd under UV lights, and glowing make-up. Neither does it stop there. Luminous gear is catching on in a big way, and you dont have to confine your choices to accessories any more or to disposable items like glow sticks that can be used once but have to be thrown away when they wear out. Clothing is also going glowing, so if you want something more permanent and striking than a glow stick necklace or wand, have a hunt around and see if a dinner jacket or top hat are your thing. T-shirts, gloves and hats are more informal examples (the glowing skeleton design being an example that has been around a while but has now been resurrected with superior glow technology). If youre really looking for the smart-casual approach, you can .bine both with a t-shirt that glows with a dinner jacket and bow tie design when the lights are out! And what better way to relax in your glow in the dark finery perhaps including a pair of striking UV contact lenses to go with your luminous tux and glow stick necklace than a pint of beer? Yes, glow in the dark beer really does exist. Its called Alien Abduction and its been specially created by a Wiltshire brewery for a local festival of crop circle enthusiasts. If youre not quite sure about the wisdom of ingesting your chemiluminscence (as the phenomenon that powers glow stick necklaces is known), then you can .promise by picking up a range of glow in the dark bar ware. In this case, its only the glasses that do the glowing allowing you to put in them your beverage of choice, with or without optional illumination. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: