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Legal The Rip Off Report about Gaston and Gaston is a malicious LIE. I’m glad to work with Frederick Gaston. Please do not believe the lies stated in the post claimed to be by "Fat Paulete,[sic] Citrus Heights, CA." The post is purely malicious. Please believe that the lawyers in the Gaston & Gaston firm are honest men with integrity. That is the truth that I am more than willing to post about. As their client I am very impressed with the quality of their service. I have never posted anything negative about this law firm because I both respect and admire their dedication to me as a client. My name is Paulette and I live in Citrus Heights, CA. Gaston and Gaston, and Frederick Gaston have represented me as my law firm against Dr. Craig Alan Bittner, the doctor in Beverly Hills whose offices, home and vehicles were raided by the CA Medical Board in November of 2008. After this most recent scam, the doctor and his girlfriend subsequently fled the country. This doctor has a history of fraud, posing as pretend patients in order to trick people into believing he is a a good doctor, and engaging in medical practices that fail to respect the law or the safety of patients. He was previously charged with fraud by the San Francisco district Attorney office in 2003 as part of his Radiology company called Ameriscan. His girlfriend Stephanie Darcy was also part of that fraud and served as the marketing director of Ameriscan. These people have, over the course of the past year threatened and harassed my family and myself. This attack on the Gaston & Gaston Law Firm is directly meant to attack me. Please realize that Dr Bittner not only severely mistreated and endangered me as a patient, he also was using human tissue to make fuel for his car under some perverse belief that he is an innovative thinker. This law firm is run by exceptional men who have been very supportive and effective. They have beaten this doctor at every turn despite him using some of the most powerful law firms in Southern California. They have never overbilled me. EVER. In fact they have worked exceptionally hard to protect me and my financial interests at a fraction of the cost most lawyers would charge, simply because they knew the seriousness of my situation and the danger my family and assets were in from the wacko doctor and his girlfriend. If I ever have any other legal needs I will absolutely use Gaston & Gaston. These men have so much integrity, are effective, thorough, and do an excellent job. I cannot recommend them highly enough. They win and malicious criminals like Dr. Bittner hate losing. Just realize that it is because Frederick Gaston is a good and decent person and a great lawyer that Dr. Bittner and his girlfriend made that fake post pretending to be me. I love working with this law firm. I encourage you to use Gaston and Gaston. Basically the doctor has gone through nearly a dozen law firms in the past year. No matter how skilled, experienced or aggressive those firms have been, Gaston and Gaston has beaten them! The attorneys in this firm deserve to be commended and respected, not lied about by criminals. That is why the doctor and his girlfriend posed as me to try to punish them. Please do not let the same evil people that have inflicted their cruelty on my life also negatively affect these excellent lawyers at this firm. By Paulette – Citrus Heights ..gastonandgaston.. Gaston & Gaston APLC 619.398.1882 About the Author: About Gaston & Gaston The Gaston family name has been closely tied to the field of Law for three generations. Albert Gaston began serving clients in the 1930s. Today, Alberts son, Ian Gaston, and Alberts grandson, Frederick Gaston, continue the tradition at Gaston & Gaston. Established in 1981 and incorporated in 2008, the firm serves clients throughout Southern California, particularly in the San Diego Orange County and Los Angeles regions. Meet the professionals of Gaston & Gaston APLC Contributing a unique set of skills, each member of the Gaston & Gaston APLC professional staff works together to form a formidable legal team. Our teams shared mission is to be.e the leading business litigation firm in the State Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: