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UnCategorized Fine art photography and oil paintings are two of the most popular types of art found in peoples homes today. While both mediums are undeniably beautiful, the process of creating each, and the way each is viewed are quite different. Choosing a oil painting or a photograph to put on your wall at home can make a large difference in vibe of your living room. There are different options you can take in choosing what you would like the painting or photograph to be of. The art of painting can be traced back as far as early human periods when cave paintings were made. During the Renaissance period, paintings focused a great deal on religious icons, important current events, and reality reproduction. Photography came on the scene in the mid-1800s when scientists combined optics and chemistry to construct the first cameras. Since cameras could capture reality moments, painters at this time began designing abstract works. There are many different approaches to both photography and painting styles. Photographic art usually deals more with realism and photojournalism, while some artists do like to experiment with camera manipulation to capture abstract ideas. Paintings can be expressionistic, which are quite imaginative and creative, or illusionistic which can be done to be realistic, like a photograph. It can depend on your personality what you would like to decorate your home with. The process of creating fine art photography and oil paintings are very different. Both require the artist to comprehend various rules governing color and composition, control of the medium, and hand eye coordination. Photographers must also know how to create certain effects by using different filters and lenses. When determining whether to buy fine art photos for sale or oil paintings, price can be a major consideration. In many cases, photographs are less expensive because their uniqueness is diminished. This is due to the fact photographs are often reproduced many times, since they are stored on negatives, or more modern digital files. Oil paintings are more unique because typically just one is created, however they can be much more expensive. If you are looking for beautiful art for your home, a quick search of fine art photography for sale can yield tremendous results. You can mix and match pieces, purchase direct from the artist, and customize every type of decor. You can choose what you think fits you most and what would make your home feel like your home with either photography or oil paintings. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: