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Boys fall into the family of the first statement: never made any compensation – Sohu news Hebei, Lixian County fall boy Zhao Zicong was rescued after the death of the well, the event is still fermenting the network. Today morning, Zhao Zicong’s father Zhao Xiangyang and relatives Beijing News reporter, issued a written statement, said the news release did not authorize any person, the family has never made any compensation, also didn’t want to get anything with the dead. Recently, the main platform, the media is full of all kinds of unofficial news. As a family member, is extremely sad, too busy to pay attention to those things, there is no time to release any information. In order to spread positive energy, to the public, made the following statement: 1, from beginning to end the rescue, the families believe that the government has never been released, did not authorize any person to publish any family information; 2, the children did not, the families of grief! Besides grief only thanks; 3, the families of deep sense of the rescue process is not easy at all levels. The government and people of great assistance and give families, thank you! 4, thanks to the leadership of the party and government at all levels, thanks to the blue sky and Zhili, rescue teams and the media, thanks to actively rescue Lixian County hospital and Baoding expert, thanks to all the people you love, love to pay to move us; 5, the family had never any claim that was never going to make any so-called compensation, outside information are rumors; 6 families, no, never thought any dead Things; 7, please you, let the dead rest, let the living comfort. Finally, I would like to thank all the party committees and governments at all levels of Lixian County, as well as help groups and people from all walks of life to help you! Thank you! Cong Cong’s family: November 12, 2016, Mr Zhao Xiangyang相关的主题文章: