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Sales-Management CLAIM The ornamental design for a .bined interior of a shower drain pump housing with interior .partments, and a cover for an interior .partment of a shower drain pump housing, as shown and described. A foreign matter trap for use in a drain such as a shower or sink drain in which water flows downwardly through a drain pipe, the trap having an element for removably positioning in the drain pipe including a downwardly extending longitudinal member, a plurality of layers of foreign matter catching members extending generally radially from the longitudinal member, each layer being formed of a plurality of spaced apart spicule members, the spicule members of each layer covering less than a .plete cross-sectional circumferential area leaving a portion free for the flow of water therepast, the layers being arranged so that the spicule members in adjacent upper layers extend over and above the free cross-sectional areas of the next lower layer so that water may continue to flow through the drain even when the spicule members of any layer are .pletely closed by trapped foreign matter. Elongated drain assemblies suitable for use in tiled shower stalls are described. Because the elongated drain is typically located at one edge of the shower stall proximate a stall wall and extends substantially the entire length of the wall, the installation of the associated shower pan is made much simpler. Specifically, the pan need only be sloped substantially in a single direction instead of four towards a prior art circular drain located at the center of a stall. The time and cost of creating a pan having a single slope is reduced over a more .plex multi-sloped pan. Several different means for adjusting the height of the drain assemblies’ top surfaces relative to the height of the tile floor are provided to adjust for tile floors of differing thicknesses. Bathrooms and showers stalls are often provided with tiled floors especially in higher end homes. In shower stalls, a drain is typically placed in or near the center of the stall and the floor is sloped slightly towards the center drain to ensure the water runs into the drain as opposed to sitting on the floor or seeping into the structure at the intersection of the floor with the stall walls. Cost-effective prefabricated elongated drains suitable for use in residential structures are just not readily available in the marketplace. Elongated drain assemblies that have been proposed are often not amenable for use by do it yourselfers, who are mechanically astute but lack the experience of tradesmen. Furthermore, prior art assemblies even if amenable for installation by tradesmen are either or both prohibitively expensive and prohibitively expensive to install. These cost considerations ameliorate any potential cost advantages of installing a titled shower with a pan that is sloped in a single direction instead of multiple directions. A major expense of maintaining residential buildings, including particularly dormitories wherein a large number of people utilize the plumbing facilities, is that of preventing drains, such as shower drains, lavatories, and the like from being clogged with foreign matter, particularly hair. Due to the propensity of hair to collect in drains and the fact that it is very slow to deteriorate, it is a primary cause of clogged drain areas in plumbing systems. If the clogged areas are close to an accessible opening they can usually be unstopped by the application of plumbing tools. In some instances the clogged areas may occur at remote positions in a plumbing system making them difficult and time consuming to unstop. The foregoing describes one manner of assembling and installing the first embodiment shower drain assembly; however, other methodologies and variations on the described methodology are contemplated as would be obvious to one of ordinary skill in the art having the benefit of this disclosure. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: