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Excellent project     friendship – International – Tajikistan President people.com.cn train slowly into the construction of the railway enterprise hualla tunnel. Newspaper reporter Xie Yahong photo to scan two-dimensional code to see more content in August 24th, just before dawn, the central city of Tajikistan, in the valley of dart is filled with hundreds of people came to the. They dressed in festive costumes, some waving in the tower now singing, now dancing, some flags, his face filled with a look of excitement here the upcoming "vakh dart – Ya Wan Railway (hualla railway) opening ceremony. 8 morning, President Rahmon arrived in a tower built by Chinese enterprise hualla 1 railway tunnel, in the cheers of the people and the Chinese railway company president Zhuang Shangbiao together for the opening ceremony. Then, the train through a series of tunnels and bridges, reach the end point sub Bay city. Rahmon published ebullience speech, he praised the project at the National Day in the 25 anniversary of the completion of his speech, has great symbolic and practical significance, but also a model of the tower friendship and cooperation projects, and thanked the Chinese enterprises hard work. To overcome difficulties, connecting the central and southern railway lines in Tajikistan mountainous territory, weak infrastructure, residents travel, transportation inconvenience. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the tower railway network is truncated to the south, middle and north parts; and the main railway due to isolation, some even in the tower after independence have not been used. Hualla after the completion of the railway, the central tower, southern railway link, local residents will need to get rid of the train to and from the neighboring bypass dilemma. Therefore, from the beginning of the project, the government attaches great importance to the tower. Hualla railway 48.65 kilometers in length, part — the most difficult construction for the 3 tunnel 4467 meters and 5 bridges construction and laying work, to China Railway Construction Bureau Group nineteen head. Project cost of $72 million, by the China Import and export bank to provide "two excellent" loans, which is China’s first railway project supported by the tower. May 2015, the project officially started. Because the project is of great significance, Prime Minister Rasul R Da tower during the construction of the project almost every month to come to visit, to listen to the progress report and project department; according to Tajikistan requirements before and after the 3 revision period, the final is scheduled for the 25 anniversary of independence at the end of August the tower before the date of completion, compared with the previous 28 month contract period for early 12 a month. In addition to planning changes, local conditions are limited to the work of the project department has caused distress. According to the deputy chief engineer of the project Zhao Liquan, No. 5 bridge is the difficulty of the project, the bridge at both ends of the height drop of 40 meters, is located in the canyon, a steep cliff, "the operation site is very limited, unable to use large hoisting equipment, according to the traditional operation rules for erection of 27 meter long steel". Method is more difficult than. The project team of the technical backbone after repeated pondering, imitation "as Cao Chong said" to break up the whole into parts. "The last 3 cranes take air relay will be successful but the steel girder erection, engineering technical personnel requirements are particularly high, it may be a slightly different accident)相关的主题文章: