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Arts-and-Entertainment If we talk about some of the best movies of 2010 then we would surely name "Prince of Persia: the sands of time". Even before it was released, this movie created high level of craze in movie lovers from different parts of the world. Actor Jake Gyllenhaal plays the lead role in this movie. Stunning actress Gemma Arterton has played the role of Princess Tamina in this movie. The movie has been directed by Mike Newell. This movie has a very interesting story. You would not like to miss a single scene of this movie because the way of presentation is very gripping. The movie has several moments which take it up but no moments to take it down. It means that you would not get bore while watching this movie. All the special effects of this movie are great to watch. Just after the movie starts, viewers are taken in to the world of Princes, palaces, magic and divinity. Talking about the story of this movie, the plot is simple yet capturing. Dastan (Jake Gyllenhaal) was the adopted child of the king of Persia. The two real sons and Dastan all used to live in harmony with each other. King’s brother Nizam(Ben Kingsley) wanted to be the king and the most powerful man. He made a plot to destroy all three brothers so that he can be the only ruler of Persia. You would not like to indulge in some other work while watching this movie. The movie has a repeat value. Many people have seen this movie for more than once. If we talk about the performance of all the actors in this flick then it is hard to find any fault. All the actors have done justice to their roles. It seems that director Mike Newell has done a perfect job. The most interesting thing in this movie is the holy dagger for which Dastan and his uncle fight. This holy dagger could take its owner to any point of time in the past. Thus, the owner of Dagger could change the events happened in the past. The character of Dastan has been made heroic and strong. You would feel sympathetic for Dastan when he runs away from his own army just because he was declared the murderer of the king, his own father. The background music of this movie has helped largely in creating suitable mood for different scenes. Though there are fewer scenes in which we see Dastan and Tamina showing their love to each other, they are shot and placed in the movie in a wise manner. The majestic views of holy cities, large palaces, princes, divine powers etc.; make this movie appear to be larger than life. Another good thing about this movie is that it is meant for people from every age group. You can enjoy this movie all alone, with friends, family, someone special or with anyone for that matter. So, for your next movie, you can choose this one. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: