Double 11 after the express farewell explosion of pain-stand by me shinee

"Double 11" express farewell "pain management explosion" turned the courier, to secure the "upgrade backlog" industry, except "critical" pain "double 11" to take the goods, the same day or next day received management personnel turned the courier, to secure the "backlog" transformation and upgrading of the industry. Apart from the explosion of pain, the backlog of goods outlets warehouse explosion…… In previous years, the double 11, due to the surge in the volume of goods, courier frequently off the chain when things happen. Found an interview with reporters yesterday, compared with this year, express "rapid" let many people marvel. A "double 11" morning take goods, wake up, express little brother was holding the parcel to knock at the door. In recent years the "double 11" test, the courier industry chain is more mature, the sorter, vehicles and other professional outsourcing companies, smart express box and collecting point coverage is more extensive, coupled with intelligent automatic sorting machine, PAD and other high-tech "weapon" power, speed up the upgrading speed the pace of. This year’s double 11, courier is lightning speed!" In the student Wang Xianlin University City did not think how, "clothes 05 points in Taobao Tmall orders to buy 0 double 11" morning, slept together, the 11 day morning received a telephone express little brother. 11 day, his wife bought more than and 10 things. On the 12 day, I kept on receiving the call from all kinds of express, even a half of them have been sent to the." Mr. Zhao said the public. 4 pm yesterday, reporters at the Palace Street, three SF, Mao Xiang Nadu, Jingdong, Shentong express outlets to see, compared to previous years, there were piled up high "wrapped mountain", basically no backlog of goods yesterday. Several courier look relaxed, said the day of the goods have been sent almost". Managers turned the courier, behind to secure the "no backlog" express "speed", and "fight" is closely related to enterprises. We added a total of nearly 400 celebrities, all the day arrived in Nanjing express, have all been sorted out distributed to various outlets." Nanjing branch of the Department of Administrative Assistant Manager said. 4:30 yesterday afternoon, in the daily express Nanjing branch is located in the general road transit center, general manager Li Jun looked at the sorting line of the goods on the There is not much left. long sigh of relief. "Arrived in Nanjing today to express about 180 thousand, in addition to some units, office holiday weekend’s delivery, we have all the rest of the day after delivery." He said that in advance they expanded the size of the processing site, enough to have 40 acres, the new sorting, courier and other nearly 500 people. "To today in the Nanjing area there are at least 100 thousand, than usual doubled, have all delivered out." Postal Express Logistics (EMS) Nanjing branch deputy researcher Chen Jingshun said, the company nearly 200 administrative personnel management, all the guest from the postman, responsible for several residential contracting near his home. The industrial transformation and upgrading, except the "critical" pain "in addition to prepare fully, the express industry chain supporting more mature Jun相关的主题文章: