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Health The biggest mistake you can make when you try to relieve yourself of man boobs is to undermine your own efforts. The sole reason for your condition is without a doubt a result of those extra pounds and we’ll introduce to you a diet that will help you reduce them fast and in a cost efficient manner. According to a recent survey, almost 90% of women feel that man boobs are unattractive as it reduces masculinity and it is essential to learn how to prevent it for the moment and future occurrences. Man boobs or medically referred to as Gyne.astia and appears as a result of excessive tissue in the breast area that should not be confused for fat tissue. Gyne.astia symptoms make male breasts larger than normal and are derived from the Greek words Gyne meaning woman and mastos for breasts. Medical science claims that Gyne.astia is an attribute of female hormones and is caused in the adolescent stages of life. Large male breasts can definitely pose a threat to one’s self esteem and stop you from doing things you desire. However, Gyne.astia is not related to obesity and should be treated separately. Some of the other causes of inflated male boobs are use of radiation treatment, chronic liver disease, prostate cancer, cancer chemotherapy, kidney failure and dialysis. Diet for large male boobs asks that you get rid of all unhealthy foods and replace them with soy cuisine or vegetables. When dieting you should always take on some form of exercise and within a very short period of time you’ll start seeing the results! Cardio based exercises are ideal for eradiating larger than normal male boobs and some .mon exercises including jogging, yoga and running. If patience is of the essence and you simply can’t wait to admire the new you, then surgical procedures are your best bet. With a favorable financial status, liposuction surgery can be performed to reduce enhanced male breast syndrome within 9-10 hours. Although this technique will foresee positive results within a short span of time, risks such as scarring, post surgical .plications and infections may occur and not to mention the costly medicines you have to digest until .pletely healed. Paying for expensive liposuction treatments may be a short term fix but certainly not for the longer term. There are many exercises you can take on to reduce the size of your man boobs and can all be within your home if you wish not to visit the gym. Cable crossovers are the most re.mended and works towards toning the interior part of your chest. This will require you to stand between two pulleys and bring the handle down to shoulder level and repeat until you’re satisfied. One of the toughest man boobs exercises to perform is to flatten your back against the wall and squat for approximately 30 seconds and you can gradually increase this number as and when you get .fortable. Man boobs are a result of lack of exercise, nutrition and hormonal imbalance and it is best to speak to your family physician on ways of getting your self-esteem back! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: