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Automobiles In business for nearly a century, Harley-Davidson has seen its share of ups and downs. But, as pioneers often do, theyve adapted and thrived in recent years with supply greatly outweighed by demand—and, record-setting profits to boot. Much of this success can be attributed to the high quality of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. And, this reputation for excellence has cultivated one of the most dedicated groups of motorcycling enthusiasts ever. Dedicated to the preservation and promotion of their hogs, Harley owners have been known to go to great lengths to maintain a vintage make or model. But, the one thing they all agree on is the importance of protecting their bike from the elements with a motorcycle cover. Despite desire, most people cant be on their Harley 365 days a year. On off-days, or when those days stretch into longer periods of time (Wisconsin winters), make sure to store your bike in a garage, storage-shed, basement or even a U-Haul facility if possible. Leaving it exposed to the weather and other elements will take a toll on itand quick. But, if you must store it outside, protect it with a high-quality, waterproof Harley Davison cover, not a plastic tarp. Plastic doesnt breathe and actually traps moisture underneath, allowing mold and corrosion to sink in and spoil both the finish and the softer .ponents, like the seat and handlebar pads. A Harley Davidson cover protects your bike against UV rays, rain, dirt and pollutants, reflecting heat while the built-in air vents let moisture evaporate. Available in a range of ultra-durable fabrics and colors, Harley Davison covers are constructed of urethane-coated polyester, making them lightweight and durable. This fabric provides a tough layer of protection against everything from dust and water to other threats that could easily scratch or ruin your finish. Because even if youre able to keep your bike in storage, its never .pletely safe. They also include a heat-shield in the form of an aluminized inner-liner to prevent the cover from melting or scorching when it .es into contact with the engine or hot pipes after extended use. Custom-tailored to your unique make, model and year, each Harley Davidson cover is guaranteed to have the perfect fit and includes a reinforced elastic lining that provides a clean look that wont bunch up or blow off in the wind. In addition, official Harley Davison covers add an extra level of protection through the use of steel cable reinforced grommets that deter thieves from taking off with your bike—or, your motorcycle cover for that matter. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: