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To commemorate the 80 anniversary of the victory of the long march theme of the exhibition: promote the spirit of the long march – China news agency new network in September 24 Beijing Xinhua (Li Chungu Ya Jie) "epic immortal monument — to commemorate the 80 anniversary of the victory of the long march China Red Army theme exhibition" in 24 ushered in the second day. Huang Yibing, deputy curator of the Chinese people’s Revolutionary Military Museum, said it would show the long march and promote the spirit of the long march is a major highlight of the exhibition. The exhibition held in the people’s Revolutionary Military Museum China, divided into "strategic shift step journey" and "a great turning point set the course" bloody "courage" revolutionary ideals higher than "Victory Day" joined forces to open a new office "and" don’t forget the heart, take the new long march road "in 6 parts, the Red Army weapons and equipment, letters on display the manuscript, daily necessities and other types of 252 cultural relics, 275 pictures, 45 pieces of art, all-round, multi angle display in the long march of the Red Army officers and men fighting, learning and life scenes. Talk about the highlights of the exhibition, Huang Yibing introduction, the exhibition will display the long history combined with the long march carrying forward the spirit of the troops in a comprehensive display of Red Army Long March course at the same time, the long march spirit into the heritage of the red gene. In addition, the exhibition of cultural relics, relying on the illustration painting, about the "seven matches" "golden hook" 30 long story. "The story may be small, but very touching." Huang Yibing said that by telling the story of the Long March, showing the heroic deeds of the Red Army soldiers and noble character, can enrich the content of the exhibition, so that the exhibition more vivid. "I’m a little eight, who joined the army for 38 years." Wang Entian, 91, joined the army at the age of when he joined the army at the age of 13. The old man said that he grew up under the education of the old Red Army, and had a deep affection for the workers, peasants and the red army. When visiting the exhibition, the 82 year old Luo Hongshu continued to record the contents of the main points on the paper. He believes that the content of the exhibition is rich and specific, the Chinese workers’ and peasants’ Red Army Long March is the ideal of revolution twenty-five thousand miles above the sky." It is worth mentioning that, the exhibition also set up the Zunyi conference, fly the Luding Bridge and other 5 theme landscape, simulation of the historical atmosphere, enhance the exhibition effect. Beijing citizen Wang Haiquan also brought his 5 year old son to visit. He told the China News Agency reporter, over the snow capped mountains, the theme of the landscape is very realistic, so he impressed. After all, there is a lot we don’t have the book, this is also the reason why I came all the way to the place at the exhibition." 36 year old pay special from Shandong, Weifang came to watch the exhibition. He said, red army officers and men to overcome hardships and dangers of hardship spirit are worth for young people to learn. He also hopes to be able to take the Long March, enhance their faith. "No matter how hard, they think, really soon relieved." The exhibition is one of the 80 anniversary of the victory of the long march of events, with the long march as the main course, the important battle, major historical events and important people as the main body, showing the glorious history of the Red Army’s far-reaching significance and extremely hard and bitter, the great era value profound interpretation of the spirit of the long march. (end)相关的主题文章: