China next month to launch a pulsar navigation satellite for the Beidou navigation wings-drop dead diva

Chinese radio pulsar navigation satellite next month for the Beidou navigation data figure: Chinese wings pulsar navigation satellite renderings of the original title: Chinese radio pulsar navigation satellite next month for the Beidou navigation wings of Shenzhou spacecraft, lunar exploration, Tiangong laboratory, landing on mars…… When talking about the Chinese aspiring space program, more and more users accustomed to quote "we are the stars of the sea journey!" "Global Times" 13 days from the China Fifth Institute of Aerospace Science and technology group was informed that China next month will launch the world’s first pulsar by satellite test, in order to seize the space frontier technology strategic point. Aerospace Science and Technology Group Five pulsar navigation test satellite system science mission chief Shuai Ping said, it sounds somewhat uncommon "pulsar" is actually a kind of the remains of a dead star. Its density is very high, the quality of the pulsar per cubic centimeter of up to 10 tons, while it is at high speed rotation, can rotate thousands of times per second. In accordance with the "principle of gyro", great quality and high speed, ensure the pulsar have periodic extremely stable, stable ratio of hydrogen atomic clock in the world the most stable and high ten thousand times, known as "the most stable nature of the astronomical clock". Because the United States GPS, China Beidou satellite navigation system accuracy, largely depends on the navigation satellite carrying clocks stability, you can imagine, if the pulsar in the super stability application in the field of navigation, the navigation accuracy will be greatly improved. At present, more than 2000 pulsars have been discovered and catalogued, of which about 160 pulsars have good characteristics of X ray periodic radiation, which can be used as navigation candidate. The pulsar navigation test satellite commander and chief designer Xue Lijun said that the principle of the pulsar navigation are: X ray pulsars in the universe as the "Lighthouse", rely on the polar X ray pulse signal stability for self generated, for near earth and deep space exploration and interplanetary flight spacecraft provide high accuracy position time, speed, attitude and rich autonomous navigation information service, so as to realize the long time high precision spacecraft autonomous navigation and precision control. For example, he said, all kinds of satellites and detectors running in the universe, still need to calibrate the earth’s instructions, in order to accurately locate their position in space. The pulsar navigation technology matures, the future will be able to probe the pulsar in the universe as the "Lighthouse", to determine their own position, greatly reduce the dependence on the spacecraft ground control system, improve its anti-interference and self survival ability. Xue Lijun described the pulsar navigation technology is the future of deep space exploration, the main technical means of interstellar flight, no matter how far the spacecraft flew, the earth mother will not worry about it lost direction". The X ray belongs to the high energy photons, it is difficult to pass through the earth’s dense atmosphere, only in the earth’s atmosphere to space observation, so the pulsar navigation system can not be directly on the ground navigation, but mainly in low earth orbit satellites, deep space exploration and navigation of interplanetary spacecraft. However, this technology is not so far away from the lives of ordinary people, it is also useful for the existing global satellite navigation system. Beidou navigation system, for example, can use it more refined相关的主题文章: