Cai Yingwen’s big parade was the victims of disaster survey asked the war – new network govos

Cai Yingwen’s big parade was the victims of disaster survey asked: the war? Beijing – Chinese Taiwan network September 26th news according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that Cai Yingwen arrived in Taitung on 25 afternoon before the disaster survey, South three points back to the Wuxiang patriotic Pu tribe, however, officials and staff is a big array security scare victims. Five affected households to about 40 villagers, the site is more than hundreds of security forces and Taiwan authorities officials, frightened villagers said: "terrible, where they have to be asked". "So many Tribal police and soldiers to fight it?" 86 year old Wu, he said, had only touched the Jiang Jingguo team, so many people, so the police see today, a bit scared. Another villager surnamed Chen said: "only a little bit of tribal people, but also so many police? Cai Yingwen is coming to see us. We’re not going to protest". Besides, when you get there, you have to be asked. The scene vian staff said, they are only responsible for the Cai Yingwen line safety, do not know how the villagers asked things around. This is online discussion, many netizens criticized Cai Yingwen "miss out, with official authority", "the food bucket is afraid to hit the smelly egg", "Spinach really need three more than a human to deal with the affected people"; also the netizen Cai Yingwen "to encourage their acid to Taiwan regional leaders are afraid to throw shoes, or a small guard thought any time to lose the Cai Yingwen shoes" and "poof, bodyguards are more than the victims, only about the underworld with authoritarian government will appear". (Zhu Lian)相关的主题文章: