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Cafferty Daimler executives were a woman China human flesh has been a calamity – Sohu news netizens puliao, November 20th at 12 o’clock, Beijing Shunyi central villa area, a foreign executives man was abused in public parking disputes Chinese residents, and injured a China owner’s eyes with pepper spray. Subsequently, the information of the executives of foreign companies were human flesh, including the phone number of the work card on the internet. Public Zhang Yu (a pseudonym) reflects, because of its number and the number of executives of mobile phone network similar to the number, she suffered a strange phone calls and text messages harassment. 21 evening, Daimler card bus (China) Co., Ltd., said the company’s executives have been dismissed. Netizens puliao, November 20th at 12 o’clock, in the Shunyi District Garden Club, when her friends back into the parking lot, a middle-aged white man driving a black Mercedes, suddenly fast approaching from the rear and occupied parking spaces. In the process of the friend and his theory, the foreign man scolded: "I am China year already.The first I learned is:ALL YOU CHINESE ARE BASTARD!", "I came to China for a year in,. The first thing I know here is that you Chinese are all bastards (Gou Niang), "he said, and took out a spray of pepper to disperse the crowd. Micro-blog broke the news screenshot. The netizen told Qian Jie 1 (public No.: qianjieyihao) reporter, diagnosed by the hospital, her friend eyes for chemical burns, corneal damage. For legal rights through the legal way, her friend said he was still considering. The evening of November 20th, the Shunyi police said, the police received a public warning that the area of two vehicle owners parking disputes. Police immediately rushed to the scene, and to investigate the relevant circumstances, the police are working further. The foreign man in the police station for questioning. (21) for the morning, the residential property staff told reporters that the Department of public parking spaces in the district where the dispute occurred in the District, the matter has been handed over to the police to deal with the two. The foreign man’s vehicle. (for map users) executive information being meat to the users in the micro-blog broke that the foreign man for the Mercedes Benz China company executives, named Rainer Gartner, lived in the garden. The St. 1 (WeChat: qianjieyihao) reporter learned that the man (Chinese) Daimler truck and bus company, enterprise information online information, the company was founded in September 2012, registered capital of 50 million yuan, while the corporate name is Rainer English also happens to Gartner, Chinese called "haina". Earlier media reports, Rainer Gartner 50 years old, in July 1, 2015 served as president and CEO of Daimler bus (China) Co., ltd..相关的主题文章: