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Bus rollover State Road 24 injured guy hurt many people still save the original title: national highway bus rollover 24 passengers injured doctor is check the CT new cultural reporter Su Hang photo new culture news (reporter Su Hang) 18 day at 11:20 PM, a bus from the bus in Chaluhe Changchun traveling to the 302 National Road, Quannong town nearby, due to slippery road rollover, resulting in 24 passengers on the bus were injured. Japan Union Hospital opened Easy Access, the deployment of 30 doctors and nurses in emergency treatment. It is understood that the accident more than injured fractures, no life-threatening. The hospital opened a green emergency channel 6 pm the same day, in the Sino Japanese Friendship Hospital Emergency Center, emergency doctor Hu Guozhang and other doctors are still constantly looking at the injured CT. "We received notification of treatment at around 12." Hu Guozhang said that the traffic police and other departments to inform the hospital, there are a total of 24 injured in traffic accidents need to be sent to the hospital for treatment. After receiving the notice, the hospital immediately launched an emergency plan to open a green emergency channel. At the same time, the deployment of a number of departments and emergency medical establishment of treatment group. Around 1 o’clock pm, a number of emergency vehicles will be sent to the hospital 24 injured. "We have 30 doctors and nurses involved in the treatment at the time." Hu Guozhang said, the CT hospital and color ultrasonic room let the preferential treatment, and do not need to pay, because the preparation is quite full, injured not to delay treatment. Hu Guozhang said that the results from the current inspection, the injured are mainly arm, rib fractures, there is no risk of life. Passenger: escape from the roof of the 58 year old Miss Zhou is one of the injured, her eyes were edema, almost impossible to close. "We got on the bus at around 10:30." Ms. Zhou said, the bus is bound for Jilin from Changchun Chaluhe direction, about 1 hours of driving, the car suddenly lost control. "In the way of straight beam." Ms. Zhou said, when the passengers said, not to be overturned? The car really would roll down the road, "I knew nothing, so when we wake up, found themselves under pressure in the following." After the accident, the passengers began to organize self-help, escape from the roof of the window. There is a 30 year old guy saved a lot of people." Ms. Zhou said that the man himself was injured, but he pulled out of the car more than passengers. "At that time, I was too breathless." Another female passenger surnamed Zhou said, after the vehicle rollover, she was overwhelmed in the seat. "I don’t want to shout." Later we breathed God, to the roof window climb, she was out of danger. Analysis: slippery road caused by the car out of control passengers said that the car was in the 302 national road from west to East, when the speed is not fast. When traveling to the nearby town to persuade farmers, due to slippery road, the vehicle lost control of the belt beside the 4 trees are broken. The driver is still relatively calm, has been to control the vehicle does not turn into the ditch, the body of a tune, the front toward the west, turned to the side of the road. "If you turn to ditch the consequences be unbearable to contemplate." Passenger Lee said, when the bus has Peng相关的主题文章: