Beijing Beiyuan crazy car accident driving drunk driving is further investigation and evidence

Beijing Beiyuan "crazy car accident eliminate drunk driving and drug driving is further investigation of new network forensics – Beijing morning news (reporter Huang Xiaoyu) October 26th in Beiyuan Road Accidents, not only caused the number of vehicles damaged people injured, more young girls took small life, sparked widespread concern. Yesterday, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau was informed of the incident. Police said the incident occurred when the driver to practice such as driving alone, after the test did not involve drunk driving, drug driving, the Department of motor vehicles and so on the practice of certain relatives of his wife. The traffic control department is being carried out further investigation, will continue to improve the relevant evidence, in accordance with legal procedures to identify accident responsibility. Beiyuan Road traffic accident last month caused widespread concern, the accident not only caused the normal crossing innocent bystanders died, and the accident is quite strange, a busy intersection, six cars in the normal light, suddenly was approaching the rear of the high-speed vehicle hit crowded into a mass, the surveillance video of the accident followed by a large number of forwarding. Beijing police yesterday informed that in October 26th 12 pm, in the south of Chaoyang District Beiyuan Road and Spring Road intersection, Lian Moumou (male, 32 years old, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang province) Beijing alone driving small cars when traveling from south to north, 6 motor vehicles waiting for the light and in the same direction at the intersection of the collision, causing 1 people were killed and 4 injured. After the accident, the traffic control department immediately rushed to the scene of the accident investigation, the scene to rescue the injured; control the driver training XX, and carries on the drunk driving and drug driving test (after testing, training certain blood alcohol content is zero, negative urine drug); of the parties and the relevant witness investigation and evidence collection; the transfer of the surrounding surveillance video; to carry out the relevant inspection and appraisal. Currently, the driver of the practice of a certain alleged traffic accident was detained according to law. After verification, the owner of the motor vehicle registration system to practice a certain wife and relatives Wu Moumou (male, 45 years old, Henan City, Xinyang, doing business in Beijing). The traffic control department is being carried out further investigation, and will continue to improve the relevant evidence, in accordance with legal procedures in accordance with the identification of accident liability. It is understood that the pedestrian Ding home died in an accident in the only child, just 28 years old this year, the Department of Liaoning, attended University of International Business and Economics. Prior to the incident, just to a small distance from the incident near a network technology Co., ltd.. After the accident, Xiao Ding nearly sixty years of parents rushed from his home in Liaoning, Jinzhou to Beijing, arrived at the hospital that the house was the only child died of grief.相关的主题文章: