Another pair of star lovers They had a very hot eye-plants war

Another pair of star lovers? Their attempt at the crime scene was hot: Lu Daheng saw a news yesterday, a little surprised…… Did not expect that this is one of the two movie. Jiang Chao [micro-blog] in the "city of fantasy" as fire Prince Xin vast gave me the impression is quite profound. In addition to Jiang Chao in the play seems to be a strong wind the hair and make-up after only see invisible eye liner eye shadow shape, so I can not forget his evil smile…… Especially crooked mouth…… I I I still crooked crooked crooked I bowed my head in the crooked heart tired…… However, clothing style, it is the reason for the drama, can not be attributed to the actor. Smile well…… People like to laugh like that is understandable. But indeed, Jiang Chao played in the "city of fantasy" in the vast and impressive, even if only two episodes! As Medina Sang Lan also let a person remember. The basic is the common type of silly white sweet female role in domestic drama in costume fantasy drama. Oh, Medina "-" the voice is also very silly white sweet ~ in the "city of fantasy", Jiang Chao’s fire Prince Xin, a coveted heart to Medina as the mermaid princess LAN sang, Sang Lan Princess infringement intention…… And this is what the lines down is "infringement, but attempted" the scene is really…… Also deliberately shot a 180 degree rotation of the hand torn skirt of the aesthetic"…… So, after Jiang Chao and Medina today to see this news, I thought of consciousness "-" in the play…… Comparison of drama, there is something really dramatic there? Disclaimer: Sina exclusive manuscript, unauthorized reprint prohibited.相关的主题文章: