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Business Even in slow years, getting noticed at a trade show is a challenge. Now that the recession is ending, trade shows are packed again, and businesses have to jump up and get noticed if they want to succeed. Trade show truss systems have advantages and disadvanges that are quite simple to identify. It’s easy to understand why truss tradeshow display system have be.e so popular in recent years. Trade shows reward versatility, and truss displays are very versatile. Graphics can play a big role in the truss configuration. Large banner type graphics can be placed across the top of these displays or hung from high points and therefore be seen from a long distance. Modern truss systems are tool-less, requiring no added tools to assemble or disassemble. Truss displays are capable of supporting a lot of weight. Not only do truss systems easily support products and monitors, you can place a 42" plasma high on a center tower so as to be visible to approaching attendees from across the convention hall. The structural qualities of truss allow taking advantage of today’s many high tech lighting options. Depending on the size (6" to 18" in width) or style (flat, triangular, or square) truss can support hundreds of lbs! Trade show truss displays literally do the "heavy work" for your sales staff! The truss look itself is not limited to only one color or shape, either. Not only that, different types of truss offer different looks. Modular truss has square tubes rather than the standard circular tubes used for hollow steel and aluminum stage truss. There is wide variety in function and form within truss families, and even more so when you look across the different manufacturer’s families of truss. Truss sections can be designed to create a table, bar stools, laptop stations, monitor stands, banner stands, kiosks, and more. A customer of ours actually used truss to design a contemporary wine rack. The downside to truss has been the weight of the system. However, several solutions have recently presented themselves. One of the newer options is truss that collapses to lay flat for shipping. Several truss manufacturers now offer collapsible truss, which can be flattened for shipping. The system collapses so it packs flat into standard cases that can be shipped via UPS or FedEx, not just freight. Last year, the world was introduced to truss made from .posites. This .posite truss is styled like the best of the existing truss, in two box sizes (4" and 8"), for light weight and heavier requirements. At almost the same strength but less than half the weight, .posite truss – and .posite collapsible truss – offer many advantages. There are lots of ways to modify your convention truss booth. Many diverse accessories are available for use with truss display booths. These accessories are not just simple add-ons or good for display purposes, but they also serve as additional marketing strategies for your exhibit. Accessories include: Monitor Stands: mount your LCD or Plasma screen. These stands .e in a variety of colors. Swivel Monitor Mount These mounts can be swiveled in different angles and also .e in a degree of colors. There are a wide variety of different sized tables and shelves to attach your trade show booth truss. Truss exhibits have also be.e very popular as rentals. In renting instead of purchasing, an exhibitor can arrange to just show up at the tradeshow without having to worry about shipping an exhibit to and from the exhibit hall, hiring installation & dismantling help and the storing the exhibit until the next show. Consider a state of the art truss display next time you’re planning to set up at a trade show or expo. The cost of a truss display may give you second thoughts at first, but when considering truss pricing, remember this caliber of display is a long term investment for .panies that plan on attendance at many future shows. As with any trade show display system, you should start your planning well in advance, so that you have time to understand all of your requirements and select the best fit. Truss Displays are also great for expansion as your .pany grows. Just a few extra steps separate the winners and losers in a race – take that extra step! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: