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Travel-and-Leisure The problem with many of the world’s most popular vacation destinations is simply that – theyre too popular! Nobody wants to go to a white sandy beach that is absolutely crowded, or a resort that no longer has vacancy. 1. Quebec City Not ready to spend the money to go to France? Why not take the next best thing! Quebec is a hot spot for Canadian culture and is home to the Just For Laughs .edy festival. The Quebec Citadel and the Royal Regiment Museum are another two major atractions that this city has to offer. Of course, if you really wanted to schmooze with the local culture, be sure to buy a plate of poutine. If youre looking for a finer meal stop by the Boeufteque, the worlds number one steakhouse. 3. Florida Keys Most people vacation in Florida for the amusement parks, but there are plenty of natural wonders to enjoy as well. With enough wildlife to shake a stick at as well as plenty of trails and bike routes, you can enjoy all that nature has to offer. Because the majority of Florida is covered in water, fishing is a major hobby for both locals and tourists alike. There are scenic beaches including Florida Beach for you to enjoy as well. 4. Tennessee Aquarium This huge attraction houses over 12,000 types of creatures from river otters to sharks. .es .plete with an IMAX Theater, a favorite for most visitors. Down the street from the Aquarium you will find the Creative Discovery Museum, a museum that makes science and art fun, and it is very kid-oriented. 5. Banff, Alberta There are a number of popular mountains located immediately adjacent to the townsite. They include Mount Rundle (2,949 metres), Cascade Mountain (2,998 metres) and Mount Norquay (2,134 metres), with its ski slope and also has mountain biking trails on the Stoney Squaw portion. A gondola lift is available to ascend Sulphur Mountain (2,281 metres) where a boardwalk beginning from the upper terminal takes visitors to Sanson Peak. Sulphur Mountain is also the location of one of Banff’s most popular attractions, the Banff Upper Hot Springs. Tunnel Mountain (formerly known as Sleeping Buffalo Mountain) (1,690 metres)lies directly in the townsite and is very popular for quick hikes, reaching the summit in less than half an hour. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: