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The 91 year old Japanese founded a consortium of 25 years over 11 million in China in Beijing tree planting – the 91 year old Mr. Okada Takuya, 25 years ago founded the aeon group. "AEON group’s activities have been carried out for 25 years. To tree planting activities, environmental education, environmental activities to support the cause, especially in the world of tree planting activities, the total number of trees has been more than 11 million trees. In October 15th of this year, we will continue to go to Miyun, Beijing to plant trees, said Mr. Okada Takuya. AEON group in order to prevent global warming, protection and utilization of biodiversity, to carry out long-term planting activities. Planting locations include Japan and China, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Kenya and other developing countries. As of 2013, the total number of trees in the world has reached 10 million. At the same time, funded by AEON group also for the protection and sustainable utilization of biodiversity and the activities of the group are openly recruited every year. In addition, AEON group is also responsible for promoting the specific activities of the United Nations biodiversity 10 years ", including the issue of biodiversity award, held Asian Students Environmental Forum and other environmental education activities. The biological diversity of the United Nations for ten years "the start of the year as an opportunity, in 2012, Mr. Okada Takuya launched the" Asian Students Environmental Forum "10 year plan, the goal is to foster a global perspective and have keen insight, open environment of talent, the future shoulder heavy responsibility. Activities start from Japan, China and South Korea, the annual increase in the participating countries, is expected to develop into a forum for all countries in East Asia and ASEAN after 10 years. The first four forum has been successfully held in Japan, Korea, China, vietnam. In view of the outstanding contribution made to Beijing, in 2009, Mr. Okada Takuya won the honorary title of "Beijing citizen". "Environmental problems without borders. We all need to do something to protect the environment. Everybody has to act, "said Mr. Okada Takuya.相关的主题文章: