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Creativity There ar times in relationships when following your hert is the wrong thing to o. Just like the time when you thought begging and pouring your hart out to your ex will get you guys back together. In fat, acting the opposite way may be beneficial if yu reall want to get back toether with your ex. Sounds ironic, isn’t it? This is known as the counterintuitive approach – to act in a .plete opposite way as you are supposed to. You’ll b surpised at the reaction you wll get from your x, and see how poweful this unconventional method is. on’t believe it? Here’s a 3 tep simple guid that you can try out: Step 1 Keep calm. Agree to the reak up, even when you are feeling hrt, confused or angry. Your .plete coolness towards the break up is unexpected t your ex, and this will make him r her curious. This will leave them wondering about where they actually stand in your hart and if they even mean anythng to ou. After all, their leaving should at least .mand some resentment on your part, if te relationsip were to carry any weight at all. Now, that, my friend, is the kind of reaction we want to inflict. While you are at it, why not go one step further and tell your ex that yo ae thinking about suggesting a separation yourself, and that a break up is god for both of you. See whre we are heading? Instead of being dumped, you hve just levelled the playing field, by turning the ‘being dumped’ situation into a mutual agreement to go separte ways. Okay, at this point, your ex will be feling the ‘dmped’ effect t a certain egee and thinking "gosh I was not wanted" and guess what? It suddnly made tem heavy heartd about ending the relationshi and letting you go. Why? Bease, as humans, we always want omething we annot et! reat. Now ou are beginning the journey back to the arms of your ex. So what if the break up already took place and yu pleaded to be taken back? Is there anythng to d to rectify this mistake and get your ex back? If you are licing your ound during break up, you will need to obey the following tip to reunite with yur lovr. tep 2 When e deeply miss somebody we want to listen t their voice or try to contact thm in different ways. owever, this is precisely the things you’ll want to avoid. If you are itching to bombard yur ex with text messages, emals, calls, stalking and so on, STOP. ecause hat we cannot get always eemed more valuable, ou must position yourself aay fom your ex…at least for a period of tme. Your ex may or may not find you more ireplaceable, but definitely more desirable than if you were to appear desperate and clingy. The fact is, you ae already feeling terrible. You do not want to put down your pride only to be rejected, avoied and hurt further. There is a better way to get back with your ex, and the good news is, it only requie some clever planning and atience on your sid. Cutting off all forms of .munication for a whil will giv room fo your ex to miss spending time with you and start thinking about all te sweet memories thy share with you. Just like you, they will be feeling sad and missing you aftr the bea up. They say you don’t now what you’ve got till it’s gone. At this point, they will begin t realize just how muh you mean to them, and ho onderful you are to be with. That brings us to the third ste in getting ak with you ex. Step 3 Your plan to gt back with your ex will be .pleted with a meet up where you can reconnect and rediscovr your love for each other. ertainly, there are too mny details in between that cannot be squeezed inside this overall blueprint to getting back with your ex. As you now know, euniting with your ex is hghly achievable wen you follw sound and snsible strategies instad of wallowing in self-pity and sorrow. Start with these tips and you will be much closer to the warm embrace of yr ex lover once again. Visit pull your ex back ryan hall free pdf 相关的主题文章: