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Quit-Smoking It is important to note that a public place is any place where each member of the society is allowed to gain access to. Smoking in such places should therefore be prohibited and banned because this is a prominent and sensitive place as well. It is with this reason therefore that no smoking signs should be placed in public places. Cigarettes are harmful to the human body and it is equally important to have public places free from cigarette smoke. Furthermore, tobacco smoke causes environmental Pollution, one important reason to make public places smoke free. Here are some important reasons and hard facts which explain the reasons for having public places smoke free: 1 Enviromental tobacco smoke kills Each year, thousands of people die all over the world due to the deadly diseases caused by smoking. Environmental tobacco smoke causes heart attacks and stroke due to its content; it also strains the heart and blocks blood vessels therefore restricting free flow of blood which later cause a heart attack. The smoke is also harmful to the lungs, it is therefore important to ensure that public places are made a no smoking zone. 2 Freedom of choice Non-smokers are free to enjoy a healthy environment, which is smoke free especially from tobacco smoke which is harmful to the body. Everyone has the exclusive right of visiting any place, pubs, cinema halls; any public place. It is important therefore to place the no smoking signs in such places to give everyone the chance of visiting their fun places with no inconveniences. 3 Voluntary self regulations in public places has failed It is has been highly noted that self regulation in public places have not been working; not at all. It is therefore important to regulate them by incorporating signs to curb the actions from inconsiderate smokers; the signs might at times reduce smoking in public places. 4 public smoking causes fires Smoking in public places is extremely risky as it might cause fires especially if there are explosives around the smoking area or any inflammables which can light quite easily. Such fires at times are serious and can cause several losses including loss of life especially to the people around the area. 5 Such policies help people to quit smoking If no smoking measures are put in place and much importantly taken seriously, it will be helpful to smokers because their level of smoking will acutely reduce, because of smoking times and periods will have reduced from the normal times they are used to. This will reduce their urge to smoking. The policy before has proved to help smoke addicts leave the habit. Basically, smoking in public is disgusting and the tobacco smoke equally irritating and risky to ones health. The no smoking signs should always be posted in every public place to avoid such risks which can cause harmful effects to your health as well as denying you the .fort that you really need in any public place. Its equally important in conserving a natural environment. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: