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Interior-Decorating Theres a lot that goes into the design of a residential home. Theres the actual layout of the home, the design of the rooms, bathrooms, the windows, doors, the home security system and then theres the lawn. With the lawn, you need to either plant grass or lay sod. However, when the grass grows, it must be maintained. That means water must be used regularly in order to keep the grass alive and at its greenest, but it also must be mowed. Thats a lot of water each year, which gets very expensive, and thats a lot of time mowing; time that could be spent on other things. These are the main reasons why many home builders and owners are moving towards synthetic turf. In recent years, the people who used synthetic turf found that it had a very plastic look to it. It didnt look real. Thats the main reason why this fad never caught on among home owners until now. These days synthetic turf looks just like the real thing. People walking or driving by your home will never know that that isnt real grass growing in front of your house. Theyll think you have a beautifully manicured lawn that took money and time to get just right. What they dont know is that you didnt do a thing but lay your lawn down once. And there it will remain, always looking lush and green. The main reasons why people want synthetic turf for their residential homes are because its easy to maintain but also because it cuts down on water usage. In many areas of the world there is a water shortage. In some cases this means you can be fined for using water to keep your lawn alive. A homeowner will either have to let his or her lawn die, or wait until dark to water and hope nobody sees them. Instead, the homeowner can install synthetic turf and he or she will never have to water again. In fact, some cities are offering tax rebates to people who install synthetic turf because they dont require irrigation. Some would say that installing synthetic turf for the home is expensive. Its much more cost efficient, they would say, to plant actual grass. However, all the elements that went into making the home, the doors, windows, home security system, and more, cost money to install but theyre only required one time. There is no maintenance or upkeep (unless a window breaks or the home security system malfunctions). Its the same with synthetic turf. It never needs maintenance and it a permanent fixture for your home, just like all those other elements that went into making the residential house the beautiful home it is. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: