My Father Is Santa Claus-申威1600

Games Im looking forward to Christmas and really eager to know my gifts. I sent a letter to Santa Claus a week ago and told him what I like. I hope that this year I will have the present I wish because Im a good girl in the whole year. My family will have a party at Christmas Eve and my father will dress up as Santa Claus. Actually, I think that Santa Claus is real in the world, but he does not want many people know about him. When I was a little girl, my grandmother told me the story of Santa Claus. His name is Nicholas and he lived in Patara, a town in the east. Because he always loved children and he was also kind and generous to them, the children regarded him as their dear friend and their beloved saint. Besides, he always helped and gave the gifts to the good children or the difficult, so the wonderful things he did made him be.e a beautiful legend. My grandmother explained that Santa means Saint and Claus stands for Nicholas, and that how he has been known as Santa Claus until now. When my brothers and I were little, we always wanted to find the secret .ing of Santa Claus with his Christmas gifts by all means. We hang up our stocks and waited for Christmas gifts from Santa Claus. We tried to not sleep on Christmas Eve in order to see how he looked like. Unfortunately, no Santa Claus came before we fell asleep and in the following morning, we saw our gifts already in our stocks. However, we was successful in not sleeping on Christmas Eve last year, we saw a man in red clothes but he was not big as we imaged before. He put our gifts in the stocks, after that came out the door. Fast as lightning, we ran to and hugged our Santa Claus, and turned on the light. Surprisingly, he was my father in Santa Clauss clothes. Since I found my father be Santa Claus, I was a little bit disappointed but I would have more chance to receive the gift Im looking forward. This year, I decide to help my father look like Santa Claus more and he will appear in my familys party to give the surprise with the bag of gifts in his back. In addition, I am a fan of dress up games and I know clearly how to .bine clothes with accessories to be.e more impressive among the crowds in each occasion. I start to find clothes and accessories for Santa Claus first in some websites of dress up games and look for suitable ones for my father. After that, I .e to stores, or supermarket to buy the similar things (my father gave me the financial support to make him great in Christmas party). I hope that with my help, my father will look like a real Santa Claus and give the gifts and joyfulness to all my family members in our .ing Christmas party. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: