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Home-Improvement A wedding is like a synchronized symphony of various elements. The entire event is planned with a theme, color pattern and dcor sense. That is why if the cake and the flowers and the bridesmaids have to be in sync with the entire wedding theme, why not the chairs? In fact the chairs are the piece of furniture that is used in the largest numbers in a wedding. So, they also need to be ‘dressed up’. For the folding chairs to look in tandem with the entire wedding dcor, you can use various designing elements. There are many ways to decorate the chairs. The first idea that springs to mind when one thinks of a decorated chair is to include flowers or bows on chairs for a cool touch. If the bride and groom chairs are also bigger folding chairs, then they can be decorated using artificial flowers and ribbons. If you have the budget, then consider using real flowers as they look really great in outdoor weddings. Keep in mind to use flowers of the wedding theme color. While sticking flowers to folding chairs, make sure you remove the stem, and then stick a dozen buds on a ribbon and stick the ribbon on the chair’s top. As .pared to other chair decorations, flowers and ribbons are the most cost effective ones. For the guests’ chairs, you can tie bows on their backs or even add half dozen flowers to their backs. For weddings where the budget can be extended a bit, you can use folding chair covers to cover plain looking chairs. Chair covers .e in various fabrics and colors and patterns. All you have to do is focus on the pattern that matches your wedding dcor and your entire look will be perfect. Even the guests will feel more wel.e when they will be seated on well decorated chairs. If you don’t plan on buying the covers, you can visit a chair cover rental store, which can provide covers to dress up your chair with. The only snag with renting chair covers is that you may be forced to fulfill a ‘minimum order’ requirement. You can also take the smart route by simply covering the back. All you need is a fabric, and you can wrap it around the back of metal chairs. While doing this cover the front and the top of the chair is covered with the fabric. Tie an elegant bow and decorate the bow with a flower. You can make your dressing up the chair exercise a lot easier by ordering or renting white colored chairs. White is a color that goes with weddings seamlessly, and looks great while adding to the entire dcor. In case you do not get white chairs, and are stuck with boring brown, grays or greens, then you can decorate them with balloons, ribbons and bows. If you have the time and the workforce, you can paint your old folding chairs into a brighter color or the color of the wedding theme. With a good paint job, the chairs can be.e a masterpiece. This decorating idea obviously will not work for rented chairs. Follow these easy steps to decorate your plastic or metal folding chairs and make them fit for a memorable wedding ceremony. This article is (c) copyright 2011 by Folding Chair Depot. You may republish this article on your web site or blog as long as you keep both the article and bio intact including this copyright notice and all hyperlinks. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: