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Fitness-Equipment The St. Petersburg Bowl is the one of the latest additions to this year’s bowl season and it has hooked up with Magic Jack to offer some of the more exciting games. This will be played on the Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg in Florida which has a seating capacity of forty four thousand. Teams from Florida have been very lucky in Tropicana Field with baseball’s Tampa Bay Rays advancing to the World Series last October. The South Florida Bulls hope the luck will hold on for them and they can continue the winning streak of teams from Florida who are playing at Tropicana. South Florida Bulls will be facing the Memphis Tigers for the much awaited Magi Jack St Petersburg Bowl. On the forefront of the Bulls is its quarterback Matt Grothe who had a good performance for the past two seasons this year despite some difficulties. Other than Grothe, the team has players who have also shown their mettle as manifested in the selection of six of its players to the All-BIG EAST teams. The list included linebacker Tyrone McKenzie, defensive end George Selvie, strong safety Carlton Williams, offensive guard Matt Huners, offensive tackle Marc Dile and tight end Cedric Hill. It is expected that these powerhouse players will be at their optimum level of performance for the games. Coach Jim Leavitt has the big responsibility of making sure that the players in his team will work together to get the inaugural game of the St. Petersburg Bowl. On the other hand, the Memphis Tigers will be under the helm of Coach Tommy West who is on his eight year as the teams head coach. Their players who are noteworthy include quarterback Arkelon Hall, running back Curtis Steele, wide receivers Carlos Singleton and Earnest Williams, Alton Starr, Michael Grandberry and Clinton McDonald who play defensive back and line backer Greg Jackson. Though their first few games of the season were just so-so, the last six were remarkable thus ending the season right. Both teams, the South Florida Bulls and the Memphis Tigers, have shown tremendous efforts in order to be worthy to get an invite to The Magic Jack St. Petersburg Bowl and they have the same goal that is to win. Both teams are ready. Bull’s Grothe is formidable despite some difficulties while the Tiger’s Curtis Steele showed a marked improvement in his games and has be.e a serious contender and a player to watch out for. These two players for sure will play very hard to steer their respective teams to a win. There are still other factors to be considered which just might influence the out.e of the game. First, the Bulls have the advantage of travelling a shorter distance. Then, they are used to the weather which may prove to be a bit warm for the Tigers are from a cooler place. But then again, how they play the game will eventually decide who will win. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: