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Beijing: Road Electronic Toll Collection – year pilot Sohu news before the end of the year, the city will be in the six districts of the city and Tongzhou District, with nearly 4000 of roadside parking, electronic parking pilot. By then, the owners will be able to pay by credit card or mobile phone. Yesterday, the Municipal People’s Congress to inspect the management of traffic congestion and parking management, City Traffic Commission responsible person, if the pilot goes well, roadside parking fees will be extended to the electronic. Currently, the city’s motor vehicle ownership of 5 million 740 thousand, in 2018 the city will further reduce the quota of passenger cars. Thoroughly the city parking gap found that more than one million, the city has adjusted the residential parking index, and will continue through the subsidy measures in the residential potential construction of parking spaces. The electronic toll collection standard unified city traffic Commission deputy director Wang Zhaorong said, this year the city will be in Dongcheng, Xicheng, Chaoyang, Haidian, Fengtai, Shijingshan and other six districts of the city and the Tongzhou District pilot Road Electronic Toll collection. Roadside parking management reform is one of the key tasks of reform and the municipal Party committee municipal government focus. Show, before the end of the city traffic commission to provide the material, the city will initially built municipal roadside parking monitoring and electronic toll collection supervision platform, in the six districts of the city of Tongzhou and completed about 10% roadside parking for the construction of electronic toll collection system, to provide reference for the implementation of the pilot City wide road electronic toll collection. Wang Zhaorong, the pilot of the roadside parking near 4000. Currently, the pilot area is doing seven program design, installation of magnetic or video equipment. After the start of the electronic parking fees, parking fees will only be able to brush UnionPay card, card or ETC card fees by hand POS machine. In addition, parking can also choose to pay by WeChat, Alipay and other payment methods. The electronic parking and Beijing had previously used meter charge is not the same thing? Wang Zhaorong says they’re different. The electronic toll collection system adopts geomagnetic or video equipment, record the vehicle brand, models, parking time information, and transmitted to the municipal unified computing platform, parking time and cost, realization of electronic charge. Reporters learned that in 2012 Beijing had in Chaoyang, the East and the west part of the street pilot promotion handset POS machine type electronic roadside parking. Parking administrator holding a POS machine, can the license plate on the parking camera, record the stop time, hit the parking certificate, to parking the car to go, POS will scan the parking certificate, and then calculate the parking fee. But part of the pilot areas have already abandoned electronic toll system, instead of pure manual charge. In early 1999, the streets of Beijing also appeared in the "meter", but soon become scrap. The geomagnetic or video recording equipment, if the owners refused to pay how to do? Wang Zhaorong said that the pilot phase will begin, will not consider making punishment of defrauding the owner, if the pilot is successful, next year this measure will promote a greater range, then the owner "records will be included in the personal credit system. Parking spaces in the city more than one million is understood, the city parking census has entered the phase of data review, and strive to good相关的主题文章: