The Zhuhai airshow tomorrow morning opening annihilates -20 will debut-下北glory days

The Zhuhai airshow tomorrow morning opening annihilates -20 will debut the original title: Zhuhai airshow eight highlights tomorrow morning, the biennial China exhibition will be officially opened in Zhuhai. At present, more than and 700 exhibitors from 42 countries and regions have been fully in place, including aircraft, radar, missiles and other more than and 60 types of hundreds of weapons and equipment have been waiting for the opening service. A 6 day airshow at 20 years of age as to what unique food? In addition to the flight show, what are the first ground equipment show? In this regard, JINGWAH Times reporter combing eight highlights, you read the airshow doorway". Highlights of the 1 air force equipment "black ribbon" f -20 first show since 2011, the first fighter -20 demonstrator in Chengdu first flight, then get in many given by the "black ribbon" nickname. In the eleventh air show flight performance as air force test pilot will drive f -20 aircraft flight display, which is China independently developed a new generation of stealth fighter for the first time, the machine can emulate American production of F-22 fighter. By then, the black ribbon figure will be displayed in the sky over Zhuhai, worthy of attention. The so-called flying display, namely conventional flight movements, including low pass, climb, roll, twists and turns, because it is highly confidential f -20 development phase, the ground is not suitable for display, so the flight with a glimpse of the way in this context, can let the fans feast their eyes, without significant leakage military intelligence. In addition to the f -20, -20, -6K, -500, air marshals detonation fighter -10B 18 aircraft, missile, radar and other equipment and 39 type supporting weapons, a total of more than 110 pieces of the exhibition, the 50% is the first public appearance. Highlight 2 Yingeba aerobatic team competed in this year’s show on flight performance and the successive, Russian Air Force competing against the embarcadero. Among them, the British Royal Air Force Red Arrows Aerobatic Team with 12 frame HawkT1 Eagle trainer for the first time exhibitors, the Russian Air Force "warrior" swift "aerobatic team with mixed fleet for the first time in Russia and overseas performances. Highlights of the 3 domestic UAV UAV made the first show in Zhuhai in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles, China will have two models of domestic UAV first show in Zhuhai. Remember 15 years ago an American MQ-1 Predator drone launched a missile to destroy a Taliban tank over Afghanistan? Today, the observation of the fight has become a new trend in the development of unmanned aerial vehicles, domestic UAV development so far, has a certain ability to replace someone’s fighter. JINGWAH Times reporter learned that the domestic "Rainbow" UAV will be a strong lineup of exhibitors, exhibits the rich for the previous exhibitions. Not only the "rainbow -3" "rainbow -4" star products exhibition, and the latest version of the "rainbow -5" solar UAV, UAV, ship, air cushion composite ground "rainbow -805" high speed stealth drone and other products will be unveiled this show. Highlight 4 space blessing astronauts or send blessings video in mid October, 2相关的主题文章: