Japan, a park explosion occurred 1 dead and 3 injured suspected former self defense force-高达08ms小队

Several explosions occurred 1 dead 3 injured deceased suspected before self-defense Beijing October new network in 23 in the official Xinhua comprehensive report of a Japanese Park, 23 local time, about 11:35 in the morning, a park in Japan Utsunomiya multiple blasts, has led to the death of a man, the 3 men were injured. Police said the dead may be the 72 year old former Japanese defense officials, and in a burnt out car suspected suicide items. Police said the fire burning cars, a car is left with a similar note items. The car owner is living in Utsunomiya city before the age of 72 male self-defense officials. 11 am this morning, the men home fire burnt down, his whereabouts are unknown. According to reports, the morning local time, about 11:35, the fire department received a briefing pointed out that the city park near Utsunomiya came more explosions. Police said the explosion was heard near the parking lot where is Utsunomiya City Park, found a male body, the body was blown severely damaged. 3 men in the park were injured and one of them was stabbed into the body like a burst of debris, but there was no danger. In addition, the distance of about 200 meters north of the park nearby, there is a coin in the parking lot at the same time also heard an explosion, there are 3 cars on fire, but no one was injured. Police said they were investigating the identity of the deceased, and investigate the relevance of the explosion. It is reported that the explosion of the Utsunomiya City Park originally held to experience traditional cultural activities, by the explosion effect canceled. Witnesses said, there was a big explosion, 3 people fell in the park parking lot, the 1 were blown to the park bench, and refers to the smell of gunpowder in the field.相关的主题文章: