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South Korea signed a military intelligence protection agreement by the group of traitors humiliation Park original title: South Korea and Japan today signed the "military intelligence protection agreement" was awarded the "traitorous humiliation Park"   South Korean civic groups on the 22 day before the protests against the government building, signed the "military intelligence protection agreement with Japan". The Global Times reported [] South Korean President Park Geun hye’s "doing the political scandal deeper, but her government is about to complete a South Korea" — There was no parallel in history. "things and the history of the" old enemy "Japan signed the" military intelligence protection agreement ". 22, 2009, the State Council of the South Korean government voted to pass the agreement, South Korean Defense Ministry said it would sign the agreement with Japan on the morning of 23. South Korean Deputy Prime Minister Liu Yihao 22, presided over the meeting of state government, voting by South Korea and Japan "military intelligence protection agreement". South Korean Defense Ministry said the defense minister Korea seeking the Japanese ambassador to South Korea and Changling anzheng will be 23 in the morning 10 when representatives of the two countries signed the agreement on South Korea and Japan "military intelligence protection". After the signing of the agreement, the two sides will communicate with each other in writing, the agreement will come into force. According to Kyodo News Agency reported that the Japanese government cabinet meeting also approved the same day with South Korea’s "military intelligence protection agreement". Yonhap said, Japan and South Korea "military intelligence protection agreement" to promote the sharing of military secrets between Korea and Japan, to provide information, prevent leakage method and intelligence level. After the signing of the agreement, Japan and South Korea, the United States can not directly share information on nuclear and missile. South Korean Defense Ministry, looking forward to the direction of South Korea to provide satellite pictures, about North Korean submarines and submarine launched ballistic missiles and other information. South Korea, Chosun Ilbo, said South Korea and 32 countries signed such agreements or conventions. The South Korean government’s position is to deal with the North Korean nuclear issue, and should have reconnaissance satellite signed the agreement to surveillance and reconnaissance assets rich in Japan, but the South Korean people on and do not reflect the history of aggression of Japan share a dislike of military secrets. 22 at the press conference, a reporter questioned the "military intelligence protection agreement" may help Japan to rearm and South Korea was incorporated into the U.S. missile defense system (MD), South Korea’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Junhe argued that this is a technical agreement, without excessive interpretation. Zhao Junhe also said that South Korea in 1989 Japan proposed initiative signed an agreement. In order to effectively deal with the unprecedented severe North Korean nuclear missile threat, South Korea decided to restart negotiations with other departments, the Department of defense will promote open and transparent procedures, and to continue to strive for the understanding of the public. However, the opposition does not buy it. Korea "Daily" said 22, three South Korean opposition party condemned the government of South Korea and Japan signed the "military intelligence protection agreement" is too hasty. Both Democrats said the signing of the agreement is not recognized by the national humiliation and traitorous act, do not accept. The National Party leader Pak Zhiyuan said on the 22, in the park adjacent to the impeachment of the government, promoting the agreement in order not to solicit the views of national situation, this is not the right way. The Democratic Party, the National Party, the Justice Party and other three opposition parties also plans to jointly submit a draft resolution on 30, Jun相关的主题文章: