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Greatly enrich one’s mind! Wuhou Temple Museum Liannu Postcard Zhuge can put arrow – Beijing, said the museum, many people will subconsciously think: there is just a place to the collection and display of cultural relics. Today, many museums have launched a series of "brain hole open," the text of the creative products, so that the museum and the forefront of fashion hook up. As China museum city, the city’s major museums in the field of bold attempt, a piece of creative cultural and creative products for cultural relics "live" up, impressive, such as the Museum of art treasures and people tall on the daily necessities, cultural activities were grafted to the invention create and present high-tech mix…… These creative attempt not only brings new vitality to the museum, also attracted more people into the museum "early adopters". Today, this newspaper will launch a "cultural creation for the museum to bring new vitality," a series of reports, leading readers to experience the major museums in Chengdu, the new music. Three card 80 guy Chengdu R & D interest game yesterday afternoon in Chengdu, a company, a group of young people at work are sitting in front of a table playing games. With a strong sense of curiosity, the reporter walked into their athletic scene and found that these young people play a card with a lot of people in the three kingdoms. "We are not playing, we are developing the company’s products -" Three Kingdoms "card. We will work with the Wuhou Temple Museum of cultural cooperation, launched a series of derivative products, these products will be unveiled in the upcoming "Bobo"." After 80, the company responsible person Fu Tao told reporters that he was a native of Chengdu, the Three Kingdoms Cultural enthusiasts, three games with his growth. "We looked at some companies to the characteristics of Chengdu cultural development into the" War Within Three Kingdoms "and" Three Kingdoms war "game, I whim, to develop a belong to our Chengdu games." A do two endlessly, in 2008, Fu Tao established Chengdu’s first specialized R & D and production team games. Fu Tao told reporters that they have begun to work with the Wuhou Temple Museum, jointly developed the "three Chi" juvenile version of the board game, the game will not only become the Wuhou Temple Museum of social cultural and creative products, will let the children feel the three cultural charm in the interactive fun in. "We developed this game is intended to fully understand the game player in the entertainment culture of the Three Kingdoms, such as the game can be game player in the rich cultural atmosphere of the three countries, the experience and the experience of a charge into the enemy ranks." Three technology interactive experience postcards, Zhuge caught Liannu 39…… The wisdom of Shu people invented many rich content of science and technology of mechanical weapons and tools, fascinating. What do they look like? How do they use it? Today, augmented reality technology (Augmented Reality) will allow these three science and technology objects to come to your hands. Yesterday, reporters learned that the Wuhou Temple museum is about to launch a new interactive experience postcard, this postcard is based on the three science and technology as the theme, the use of AR technology to create one of the series of products. Postcard screen display相关的主题文章: