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A 14 year old girl to take 400 yuan to work Changsha said want to see Wang Han He Jiong original title: Henan two 14 year old girl with 400 meals per run Changsha work: want to see Wang Han He Jiong Voices Online News (Intern Zhang Qin Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Chen Bin) to their favorite idol, people chasing star national run, even teenagers to Starchaser, without telling his family have only to see the star at a glance. Henan two year old girl Li Yingying (a pseudonym) and Xie Si (a pseudonym) secretly came to Changsha, looking for opportunities to work while looking for a chance to see her and her family, the urgent search for a family of 14, led by the family, and then find a way to look for the opportunity to find a family member, and find a way to find out the relationship between the family and the state of the world, and then find out the opportunity to look for the opportunity to look for the family of the. Fans can understand, but also need a rational. 5 days ago, Li Yingying left a note to his family, said the study pressure, want to go out to work to make money, they ran away from home. Li Yingying’s mother, Ms. Xu found a note, through monitoring found that her daughter and fellow classmates together from Henan by bus to leave. Later, Li Yingying said to his mother on the phone, he has arrived in Changsha. Two girls rushed to Changsha to find the family, with the help of the police and the public, will find the two girls. In November 6th, the reporter learned that the two girls have been back to school earlier, they intend to Changsha, while working, while looking for a chance to see Wang Han, He Jiong and Sheenah. Run away with 400 yuan meals out of the door Li Yingying living in a single parent family, usually her mother sent her to school. In November 2nd, she suddenly said to her mother, Ms. Xu, today I want to go to school by bike". Because every month, daughter are required to pay 390 yuan for food, Ms. Xu gave her 400 yuan. About 5:30 in the morning, Li Yingying called his mother left a note, with the money left home. This time, however, she didn’t go to school. At 6:20 in the morning, Ms. Xu is ready to go to work, found her daughter left their own notes, roughly content, the mother accompanied by too little time, learning pressure, want to go out to work to make money. She called her daughter and found her daughter’s cell phone has been turned off, aware that her daughter may be away from home, Ms. Xu immediately reported to the police. In fact, Li Yingying is not a person to go out, and her classmates Xie ran away. The police retrieved surveillance showed that at 5:38, Li Yingying out of the District, and Xie Si will be after the electric car parked on the roadside, take the bus to Dengzhou, from Dengzhou back to Nanyang, and long-distance bus ride away from Nanyang. November 3rd at 8:30 or so, Li Yingying’s mobile phone boot, Henan police call his phone, Li Yingying said he was in Changsha. 3 at noon, Li Yingying with a public phone to make a phone call to Ms. Xu, said everything is good, do not miss, want to work to support themselves. Subsequently, Ms. Xu back to dial the phone to understand that this is a public phone in a vegetable wholesale market in Changsha, Mawangdui. Looking for help to find a successful child in November 3rd, to determine the child in Changsha, Ms. Xu and Xie’s father starting from Nanyang, arrived at 4 am at Changsha on the morning of 3. Get off, they decided to find a place to live, and then after the alarm to find children. 4 at 5:30 in the morning, Xu Yan相关的主题文章: