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110 Harbin road is known as the most warm bus ride and Rebao life in November 1st reported recently, winter ice is more concentrated, but Liu public telephone call to reporters, "I found Harbin the most warm bus, from the car to the car to get off, did not have a cold". October 31st morning, the reporters came to Omaha Qunli bus terminal station, Harbin 110 road bus fleet’s visit. In the waiting hall, a warm current immediately dispelled the body cold, I saw four or five passengers are playing mobile phone, a more than and 60 year old man was drinking boiling water in the corner. "Grandpa, where do you come from?" "Look ahead, there’s a corner, and a disposable cup." 5 minutes later, the reporter with several passengers boarded the 110 bus, when seeing the elderly passengers on the bus, the driver immediately handed Wang Lifen a warm hot, the old one, it took a laugh in my arms. The reporter to understand that the old man surnamed Wang, 70 years old this year, live in the field, this is the car to return home to the children’s home from kazakhstan. The bus and it was very hot, Harbin is good ". Harbin 110 female bus fleet captain Liu Yage told reporters that the 110 team was founded in 1990, is the national urban system the first 38 women’s line, national heroine civilized demonstration Kong, the national workers vanguard. "The team opened a free WI-FI at the end of the first station to provide mobile phone charger, newspapers, hot water and emergency medicine, also at their own expense to buy more than and 20 Rebao, for elderly passengers and children." Liu Yage said, in the passenger flow between the three or four hot days, one is missing, not to say that the quality of the public in harbin.相关的主题文章: