42Note 7 delisting Samsung smartphone share plummeted domestic mobile phone outbreak – Sohu digital|Note 7 delisting Samsung smartphone share plummeted domestic mobile phone outbreak – Sohu digital5

Note Samsung smart mobile phone 7 delisting shares plummeted: domestic mobile phone battery explosion burst digital Sohu continues, Samsung is struggling to find the problem in the end where, but under Note 7 only facing the shelf delisting situation. Note 7 accident delisting, the biggest beneficiaries will be who? I believe a lot of people say that Apple’s iPhone 7, after all, the high-end market models are too small, but the actual situation is wrong. Now, the latest market research agency Gartner survey data presented show that Note 7 delisting let Samsung smartphone shipments greatly affected, but with this unexpected situation, the domestic mobile phone is to spare no effort to catch up. The third quarter of the market share of Samsung smart mobile phone only 19.2% of the world, but also to iPhone 11.5% and Note 7, the real beneficiaries of delisting is HUAWEI, market share increased from 7.7% to 8.7%, the other is oppo and vivo, the two share respectively from 3.4% to 6.7%, 5.3% and 2.9% leap. Samsung and apple, in fact, the current experience, the domestic smart phone is their biggest rival.

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Telecommunications fraud liar favorite play, telecom operators — people.com.cn communication channel — people.com.cn original title: Telecommunications fraud liar favorite play, don’t underestimate the telecom operators of telecommunications fraud activists, in fact all actor class characters, whether the relevant departments, the bank staff is also friends, various identities come to mouth acting, penetrating, a careless will be. Yesterday, in the light of the recent frequent telecommunications fraud cases, China’s largest Internet security company 360 released the analysis of the situation of the 2016 China Telecom fraud report. This is China’s first telecommunications fraud analysis report based on large data research. The "report" shows that the crooks love "play" identity focused on the operators, the company leadership, express, social security health insurance agencies and departments, merchants bank, customer service, public security organs, schools, and other 10 kinds of different identities and social division of labor. These crooks often have a very complete and mature system of deception in routine, got on the phone, quickly into the role, some crooks in the "old driver" from tone to wording really to the extent of real ones. Among them, the number of fraud posing as telecom operators most, accounted for 26%; the second is posing as leaders, accounting for 21.2%; the third is posing as a courier, accounting for 14.3%; then there are: as the health insurance, social security institutions, accounting for 12.5%, accounting for 5.7% of the relevant departments as. Posing as customer service business 5.7%, posing as Bank of 5.3%. Posing as public security 3.9%, posing as the school 2.9%, posing as relatives of 1.5%. In the fraud phone number source type, the number of telephone fraud exhaled most, accounting for all fraud call volume 56%; followed by phone 400800, accounted for 27.1%; mobile phone outgoing telephone fraud accounted for only 15.4% of the total fraud telephone call; in addition, there are 1.2% of the incoming telephone fraud from overseas. (commissioning editor Zhao Chao and Bi Lei)